Top Restaurants in Coromandel

Where to eat is one of the most essential factors to consider when visiting any place, and Coromandel seems to understand this pretty well. Here are some excellent food points to grab a snack or a dish while on your trip to this Kiwi town.


Weta is an excellent place to be for those who are looking for creative breakfasts and lunch, as well as counter food. Relax in the courtyard on a warm day and get spoiled with a wide range of dishes, such as edible seaweed (karengo), sweet potato (kumara), smoked salmon, poached eggs, and Beach Bene.


Umu is a classic café where you can enjoy a tummy-taming breakfast, superb coffee, counter food, pizza, among other foods. The menu here is pocket-friendly, and you can also grab a refreshing Hamilton Good George’s beer bottle in the evening, after your day’s adventure.


Giving you the opportunity to kick-start your day with brunch dishes (e.g. Turkish eggs and avocado bagels) and excellent coffee, WharfRoad is perhaps what best portrays Coromandel’s cosmopolitan cool. There is loping Kiwi reggae playing throughout to keep you entertained even as you sip your coffee or bite your snack. With craft beer and wine accompanying vegetarian and organic bowls, lunch is equally popular here.

Pepper Tree

If you’re looking for local seafood, then Pepper Tree is the go-to. Try chips and fish under a shady tree in the evening and you won’t regret.

Coromandel Mussel Kitchen

Located just 3km south of Coromandel town centre, Coromandel Mussel Kitchen is a cool café-bar worth visiting. Accompanying mussels here are Mediterranean – and Thai-tinged sauces, which are as popular as ever here. Head straight to the garden bar in summer and enjoy a genuine and frosty MK Brewing Company’s beer on top of mussel-fritter stacks. Takeaways are also available, whether it is beer, chilli mussels, or smoked mussels.