Travelling to North Island and Coromandel

Whether you are a frequent traveller or you are thinking of travelling for the first time, you should know that the place you choose to stay will determine if you will enjoy your trip. Welcome to, the site that gives you information on bed and breakfast hotels in New Zealand North Island, Coromandel peninsula and the regions that are nearby.

Bed and Breakfast

Our website gives you a list of some of the bed and breakfast options where you can stay if you are looking for accommodation in North Island and Coromandel. We also give you a guide on how to choose the right accommodation so that you do not end up getting frustrated during your travels. There are also articles that will advise you on what you need to do before booking your bed and breakfast.

Exploring Coromandel

If you plan to visit Coromandel, you will find valuable information on some of the landmarks you should visit, and what you should know before you visit the region. Our site also has information on the importance of reading reviews whenever you plan to travel, not just in Coromandel but all the other parts of the world.

Why Us

Our content is generated by people who are passionate about travelling and exploring New Zealand’s North Island and the Coromandel Peninsula. We answer all the questions you might have about travelling to that region. We also give you information that makes your travel easier, including how to work while travelling and some of the ways to make your travels fun.